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Come taste the excellence, tradition, and love that makes a truly great donut.

Goldie's delectable donuts

A baker named Goldie plodded down a winding path through a deep forest. Since he walked for much of the day and Goldie was very hungry, he came upon a house, knocked on the door, and hoped he might ask for a bite to eat.

As he found no one at home, he went into the kitchen and saw three plates of fresh homemade donuts cooling on the table.  

The first plate was full of Old Fashioned “Sour Cream” donuts. As Goldie took the first delicious bite, he heard a voice say, “Good, isn’t it?”  Beside him stood an elderly and wise lady.

She offered him another donut from the plate labeled  “Original Glazed." Goldie knew these were different. They were light and airy but also bursting with sweet flavor. 

“It is nice to see someone enjoy these donuts just as you have because I am the last in my family line to know the recipes.” There was a hint of sadness in the woman’s voice. 

“Teach me the recipe!” Goldie implored. “These donuts are too delicious to be forgotten. Teach me the recipes  and I will pass on this hidden secret so that it never dies.”

Goldie had never been more excited in his entire life. That was many years ago, but the great taste is still alive in our own very own bakery. 



Get the HOLE story at Goldie's Donuts & Bakery when you stop in!

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