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frequently asked Questions

All Goldie’s donuts and pastries are handcrafted and made fresh daily in small batches using only the finest ingredients. Our fillings and icings are made with real fruits and natural flavorings so you can actually taste the delectable difference in our custard creams and jellies. Even our icings and toppings, whether they be luscious donut glazes or rich, creamy chocolate frostings are all-natural and made from scratch.

Whether you select a donut, cookie or any of our scrumptious baked goods, you can immediately taste the difference! After all, at Goldie’s our recipes are handed down by cherished loved ones. That’s why we bake with 💛!


at this time

we do not

offer either

gluten-free or vegan options

on our menu.

DO you have



vegan options?

We do not

have nutritional information available

on any of our products. However, we can tell you that we only use the highest quality

ingredients possible.

Do you have nutritional information on your donuts


baked goods?


we love to support our community. however, please know we receive a lot of requests & unfortunately cannot commit to everyone.


do you offer donations?

Our house

blended coffee

will be

available in the future to buy by the pound.

I love coffee!

Can I buy your coffee by

the bag?

yes! Call us and we can assist you. or, our online ordering system allows you to choose a date up to 7 days in advance.

I want to place an order ahead

of time.

Can i do that?

yes! please

give us a call

so we can


more details,

or email us!

Can you cater

my wedding,

office party, birthday,

or other event?

Depending on

the size of the order, some discounts may apply. Please inquire further.

Do you offer discounts on larger orders


by the dozen?

We absolutely

can do this

for you!

Please give us a full week's


in advance.

Can I order custom letters, numbers, or colored


You're a good friend! Our gift cards

are only available

for purchase during select holiday


We'll announce when they are available.

Do you have

gift cards?

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